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Month: February 2018

Episode Two of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” is Now Available

715I6Q8mn4L._UX250_The second episode of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” has been published this morning.

In this episode, I talk with lawyer and activist Wesley J. Smith about human exceptionalism and the many threats it faces, including those from both the animal rights and pro-euthanasia movements. You can find his many books here.

I am having some trouble getting the show listed in iTunes. If it isn’t there today, it should be soon. Until then, you can listen below or by clicking here and clicking either the play or the download buttons.


Episode One of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” Is Now Available

The first episode of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” is now available. In it, I talk with Dr. Patrick J. Deneen about his book “Why Liberalism Failed“.  You can stream it below. To download the episode click here and then click the download button.

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UPDATE: I just discovered Spreaker requires a sign in to download the episode. Feel free to do that, but I’ll be looking for a way around that in the future.

Listen to “Ep. 01 The Dean Abbott Podcast- Patrick J. Deneen 2/5/2018” on Spreaker.

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