Abortion is the Cornerstone of the System

David Daleiden (Photo by Jeff Malet)

When David Daleiden first began releasing videos he’d shot undercover of Planned Parenthood personnel dealing in baby parts, some people claimed it was the beginning of the end for America’s largest abortion provider.  Those who didn’t go that far seemed to think the videos would take us a long way down the road to abolishing or, at least restricting, abortion on demand.

I knew no such thing would happen. First, for all the discussion these videos created in conservative circles, the vast majority of Americans have barely heard of them. Many who have heard just shrug. America is in shambles in large part because people have ceased to be horrified by the horrible.

Instead, most of us are stupefied by television and shopping and junk food. We can’t be bothered if a few people are chopping up babies and making a profit selling their bits, the new season of Grace and Frankie just came out.

Aside from the apathy of the majority, the videos ultimately had no effect in moving us closer to restricting abortion because a powerful minority care very much. Abortion, for them is the cornerstone of the modern, secular hegemony. The right to destroy children in the womb must be preserved at all costs.

The news yesterday that Daleiden has been charged with 15 felonies in California stemming from the recording of those videos proves the point. Look at what is being sacrificed in this move. Freedom of the press? Gone. The integrity of the legal system? Gone. The trust of the people that laws will be fairly and not selectively enforced? Gone.

Instead, we see that the freedom for women to murder their children in the womb is the supreme value. These people are right to see that without abortion much of the current secular hegemony would crumble. If abortion goes, then so go all the values used to justify it. Abortion, they say, is necessary to create equality between the sexes. If people question the legitimacy of abortion, they may also begin questioning the very notion that equality between the sexes means that each should be equally enslaved to the corporate work environment. Someone might even suggest that having children is better than having a career. See, you tug at the thread of abortion and the whole thing unravels.

This is the real reason Daleiden is looking at years in prison. It’s not because he videotaped a few conversations, but because he threatened the values of the secular elite, and that kind of behavior must be punished. He tugged on the thread that could unravel the system and the reaction of the powerful show they are scared. And, in showing their fear, they tell the rest of us  not that we should leave that thread alone, but that we must get busy pulling on it with all our might.

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  1. I have read and reread your article and you are very discerning. The reaction to these videos was a huge campaign to valorize abortion. The fact that such memes as #shoutyourabortion, “abortion on demand and without apology” and “I stand with Planned Parenthood” were the reaction shows how little push back there is from Churches. I know your blog is not overtly Christian but the truth is that the Christian church is *the* moral authority in the west.
    What we have are religious country clubs and not proclaimers of the Law and the Gospel. The fact that only 19,700 people signed that petition, in 21 months, out of a nation of upwards of 20,000,000 “Christians” shows the complete and utter failure of American Christianity.

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