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Civilization will be saved, if it is to be saved at all, not by massive undertakings of the will, not by armies or public policy alone. The real hope for its future lies in the actions of individuals, ordinary people willing to take both the risks and responsibilities necessary to revive what is best about us.

Here is something I am doing. Back in January, I saw that Sir Roger Scruton was planning to host 20 people at his home this summer to discuss the history and future of Western Civilization, and how those of us who love it might pass it on to another generation.

This was a conversation I wanted to be a part of, but not just anybody could come. Invitations could only earned through an application process. A few days after submitting mine, I  was very happy to receive the email telling me that I had been chosen.

This is no insignificant confab. Scruton is one of the most recognizable figures on the Traditionalist Right. The author of more than forty books, he was recently knighted by HRH the Prince of Wales. He currently teaches for the University of Buckingham and regularly appears as a commentator on the BBC.

Days at the summer school will, apparently, consist of lectures by Scruton, readings, and discussions with other participants. There may also be some side trips to relevant historic locations in England.

If the West is to have a future, we must all do what we can. Those of us equipped to raise children must do so. Those who can make music must compose. Those who can teach others, inculcate into them the best of our tradition must do so. Civilization, as I have said, will be revived only by each of us doing what we can to help.

Taking part in the Scrutopia Summer School is something I can do. My unique background and skill set have equipped me not just to soak up knowledge there, but to incorporate and pass on what I learn through writing and speaking at deeper levels about what is at stake in our current civilizational crisis.

But, I need your help. This opportunity comes at a cost, and it’s not a small one. Tuition and room and board alone for the 10 day session is $3000. That number doesn’t include travel costs and incidentals.

My family has paid some of the bill already. I’ve managed to secure some additional funding, but the difference isn’t quite covered. That’s why I created this GoFundMe site so you can help. In the week or so that the site has been active, several people have contributed. You can join them.

If you think investing in me and, by extension a small bit of what is necessary for the renewal of Western Civilization, please consider making a donation here.

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