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I’m Dean and I write “The Anchor & The Waves”.

I am a certified pastoral counselor and coach, a communication expert, theologian and author. I have worked with people as a teacher and counselor for many years.

My academic credentials include an undergraduate degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in Theology and a Phd in Communication.

Please feel free to reach out to me by sending an email to deanabbott at substack.com, by following me on Twitter, checking out my most recent book and the one before that, or simply by booking a free fifteen minute call.

About “The The Anchor & The Waves”

“The Anchor & The Waves” is a blog and newsletter devoted to taking a step back from the pressures and drama of the world in order to focus on what matters most in life. I write about relationships. trauma and healing, the development of virtue and its connection to fulfillment, the crisis of meaning in our culture, current trends and the occasional personal update.

I am not a “Christian” writer, but I am a Christian who writes. While I do not tend to foreground theological matters, my personal faith commitment shapes the work that appears on “The Anchor & The Waves.”

If you are interested in spiritual takes on the topics mentioned above, this blog is for you.

About My Counseling and Coaching Services

I offer bespoke counseling and coaching services to people seeking to live more meaningful and peaceful lives. Clients who work with me develop clarity about their life story and the problems they are experiencing, escape negative patterns of thought and feeling holding back their growth, and develop more satisfying relationships.

Here is what some others have said about working with me:

I came across Dean Abbott's writings and was immediately struck by his no-nonsense approach to relationships, whereby being respectful to one's partner doesn't need to contradict with standing up for oneself, one's needs, or one's values. Having struggled with a question in my own relationship for a while, I felt he would be a good person to get a fresh perspective from. In one conversation, he helped me get clear on the heart of the issue, what my side of it was and what might have been hers, and how we could engage in a constructive discussion about it as partners. We did, she agreed with what was bothering me, and was able to make her own free choice to do something about it. Both she and I grew, and our relationship grew to the next level of mutual trust and respect.—O., male client

"Dealing with a difficult relational situation in my life, I sought advice from a variety of people, eventually setting up an appointment with Dean. His counsel was incredibly valuable, helping me sift through layers of avoidance to see clearly what I really wanted and how I might make progress in getting there. His advice went against the grain of other recommendations in a way that was very insightful. I highly recommend speaking with him if you're dealing with a problem in your life." -A.M, female client

I've been following Dean for the better part of 3 or 4 years now, and I think I've been on coaching calls with Dean since late 2018. Dean is great at calming me down; usually whatever problem I am facing - he is able to spin it in a way that I hadn't considered. I typically overstress things, minuscule or otherwise, and Dean's perspective is able to bring me back to a much more grounded state each time. We touch base once a month for 30 minutes, and I always feel 10x better after we talk. He's helped me do a lot of soul searching as of late, and while my progress may be slow at times, he's always patient with me and I can always count on his expertise to help me work through my problems. Always look forward to our calls. Thanks Dean for being someone I can always count on! -Kyle

Unfortunately, not everyone who suffers from these kinds of problems has the courage to face them and to find solutions. If you do and would like help making progress toward being free click here to schedule a free call where we can get to know one another and outline a path toward peace for you.

Podcast Appearances and Articles

In this episode of “Preach with Peach”, Jack Peach and I discuss the emotionally dangerous nature of our society and its impact on relationships.

In this episode of the Animus podcast, Mark Derian and I discuss Les Miserables, virtue and its connection to emotional fulfillment.

Jeremy Kee interviews me on the Through the Keyhole podcast here.

Going Godward and I discuss education, Covid, and the War on Coziness.


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Dean Abbott is a counselor, communication expert, theologian and author. You can find him on Twitter, email him at deanabbott@substack.com and find his books on Amazon.